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When using any new online giving platform, there will always be unique features and potentially different ways of managing information than what you may be used to ✨To make sure there are no surprises along the way, let's take a look at some of those features together 🀝

Feature #1: Gift Payout Schedules πŸ’°

Everyone loves payday. Thankfully with RebelGive, payday is everyday! ...well, mostly! Let's look at some of the details real quick

RebelGive partners with CardConnect as our card processor. At the end of every day, they deposit whatever money is available into your church's bank account. So depending on how frequently people are donating to your church - and by which method, credit card or direct bank deposit (ACH) - will determine how frequently you receive deposits in your account.

Oh, and an important note: we call batch deposits  Transfers, so if you see the Transfers Panel in your Control Center, that's what information you'll find in there.

Here are some frequently asked questions πŸ‘‡

Feature #2: Giver Profile Details πŸ‘€

RebelGive makes it as easy as possible for people to give to your church. in fact, that's one of the reasons we created the GivingFlow instead of a typical giving form: it's easy, intuitive, and is proven to increase completion rates, which means more online gifts being given to your church πŸ™Œ

More to the point, as privacy continues to be something that is more and more desired, we've decided to favor letting individuals make their own choices of what information to provide when giving to your church πŸ“

This means we require the bare minimum of information required to give online, which reduces the barriers to give, and increase the amounts of gifts your church receives 🎁

Here are some frequently asked questions πŸ‘‡

Feature #3: Unclaimed Gifts / Emailing Receipts 🧾

While we're helping you become familiar with RebelGive, at times, donors may come to you with questions. We're here to equip you with the answer to one of the most frequently asked donor questions:

Why can't I see my gift in my personal Giver Account?

One of the main reasons for this is because, at the time of the donation, there was no information provided for RebelGive to associate that gift with their account. Regardless if they have a personal account or not, either the Giver wasn't signed in, or they didn't provide their email address at the end of the GivingFlow 🚫

The solution? The Receipt Lookup Tool πŸ” This tool is designed specifically to look up receipts of donations, and to help Givers claim their gift when they don't see it in their personal account.

Here are some frequently asked questions πŸ‘‡

(And before you say anything, yes, the link is the same for both questions. That's because the Receipt Lookup Tool is the answer to both πŸ˜‰)

Oh, and one more thing. It's super important that anyone who has a RebelGive account - yes, that includes you as an admin - verifies their email address. If you don't, then even if you are logged into a GivingFlow, you might not see that gift (or any future ones) accounted for in your personal Giver Account until you do so.

Here are some other frequently asked questions πŸ‘‡

Feature #4: Downloading Reports πŸ“₯

Spreadsheets may scare some, and balancing books may bore others, but for financial people, this is where they thrive. If that's you, we certainly hope you find the reporting within RebelGive to be robust and intuitive to follow πŸ™

Remember that term,  Transfers (aka batch deposits)? When balancing between what you see in your bank account and your RebelGive Control Center, you'll want to be looking at your Transfers Panel 🏦

Then there's the Transactions Panel, where you'll be able to see details for every single gift that comes in. When downloading reports, you can filter and arrange the exact data you want to see. All reports are downloaded as a .csv file, which you can open in any basic spreadsheet program πŸ‘¨πŸ’»

Here are some frequently asked questions πŸ‘‡

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