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Admin Start-up Guide

Getting Started

A basic overview of RebelGive and how to roll it out to your church.

4 articles

Setting Up Your Church Account

The process of creating your church's account and the FAQs surround this.

6 articles

Admin Management

Admin Cheat Sheet

A collection of the most important articles to help you start on the right foot.

2 articles


Setting up and customizing your GivingFlow.

13 articles


Guides on how to download reports and reconcile your funds.

14 articles

Giver Accounts & Details

Guides on viewing, managing, and transferring Giver Account details.

8 articles

Account Settings

Managing and navigating your settings.

9 articles

Annual Giving Statements

Guides on how to send annual tax statements and the various settings for them.

7 articles

Admin FAQs

After I Get Started

Answers to your questions after you sign up.

28 articles

Before I Get Started

Answers to questions before you sign up.

16 articles

Donor Guide

Getting Started

An overview on how to use RebelGive and give to your church.

4 articles


4 articles

My Giving

Managing and keeping track of your personal giving to your church.

6 articles

My Account

Managing your account details and information.

8 articles

Donor FAQs


Questions regarding donating through a GivingFlow.

9 articles

Claiming Gifts

FAQs on how to claim a gift to the correct account.

1 article

Receipts & Tax Statements

Answers to questions about receipts and giving statements.

3 articles