Verify Your Email Address

If you haven't yet verified your email address, this can prevent all your gifts from being recorded properly in your Giver Account. To ensure all your records are accurate, let's take a look at how to verify your login email address (or any other email address associated with your account).

Verify an email address

When you first created a Giver Account, you would have received an email from to verify your email address;  however, if you missed it and/or can't find it in your inbox, you can always resend the verification email.

To do this, login to your Giver Account and access your Email Address Tab from your Account Panel.

Next, click the Resend Verification button beside the email address(es) in question.

Next, it's time to check your email inbox for an email from In that email, click the Click to verify button.

Now, anytime you donate, you can use that email address (or any other one you add to your account and verify), and those gifts will appear in this account.

Keep in mind...
  • Once you verify an email address, you will be unable to use that email address for another Giver Account until it has been removed from its current Giver Account.
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