A Deeper Look at Bank Transfer (ACH)

With RebelGive, we've done our best to make giving as affordable as possible. You may have seen already this, but a great way to maximize savings is by your givers choosing to give through the bank transfer method. However, one thing to be aware of is that this system, ACH, takes longer to process funds than credit cards.

Whereas credit card donations are generally processed and deposited into your church's account within 24 hours of when it was given, the ACH system takes longer. Let's take a look at what the ACH process entails to understand why this delay exists:

A couple key details to note:

  • Gifts made with ACH take 7-14 calendar days to be deposited in your account.
  • One of the main reasons for the delay is that it could take up to a week for your giver's bank to release the funds. This may be due to the size of the bank and their unique processes (e.g. major banks like Wells Fargo and Chase vs. a small credit union.)
  • All ACH gifts will be deposited into your church's bank account from BluePay, and appear on your bank statements as Fiserv Pmnt.
  • Funds are only processed on business days.

We've outlined a couple scenarios based on the deposit timing you could experience. Keep in mind the differences will most likely be influenced by your giver's bank, rather than your church's account.

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