How To Download Reports

To download reports of all transactions that have occurred within a specific timeframe, the Transactions Panel is the place to be.

Below is a Transactions Panel showing all donations within the last 30 days

How to customize your reports

All reports are downloaded as a .csv file, which can be opened with / uploaded to any spreadsheet program/platform. To ensure you're downloading exactly what you want, you'll want to toggle on/off certain options and customize how the information is presented. These options will be reflected directly within your Transactions Panel.


Clicking on Columns, you can select which columns you want to appear in your Transactions Panel. Additionally, you can rearrange the order in which the columns appear. The columns appear left to right in the same order they appear here top to bottom.

Keep in mind...

You can easily turn on all columns using the Select all columns toggle.

For reporting purposes, you'll want to either select to include only the columns you have turned on, or to download all available columns possible (which is the default setting).


Clicking on Filters, you can select which transactions you wish to view. In this example, only those given to the Project Share fund that were given via credit card will appear in the Transactions Panel.


Clicking on the calendar, you can select all the dates you wish to view transactions.

Reset Filters

If you wish to reset your filters to default settings, in any filter settings (Columns, Filters, or Date), click the x Reset Filters or x Reset to Default option.

Download Report

Once you have all the information presented exactly as you'd like, scroll down to the bottom of your Transactions Panel and click the Download Report button.

Keep in mind...

What you see in your Transactions Panel may not be all that you download in your report. If you wish to only download the columns you see visible in your Transactions Panel, ensure you select the correct option in your Columns settings.

Changing timezones

If you don't specify which timezone your church is in, all downloaded reports will present information in UTC+0:00 time (Greenwich Mean Time). To ensure that the correct times/dates are showing, make sure to adjust your timezone here.

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