Transaction Status & Payout Details

It's important to understand the status of your gifts and when they'll be available in your church's bank account. As you review your deposits, keep in mind that gifts sent with a credit card will be processed differently than with a bank transfer (ACH) and even banks and credit unions may vary in terms of payout timing. To learn more about this, check out the information below about the timing and process for the "Status" section of the Transactions records.


If you are wondering where your money is, it'll be key to keep an eye on the status section of the Transactions page. Keep in mind since we don't have access to your bank accounts, we can't actually see when your gifts are "deposited."


Pending: The gift has been accepted through your church's GivingFlow

Successful: The gift has been given the green light to be transferred by our processor--simply, this would be the equivalent of "your check is in the mail!"

Paid Out: The gift has been collected from your giver's bank account and has been sent from the processor to your church's bank account

Refunded: Your staff has manually refunded the gift to the giver

Failed: (ACH Only) The bank transfer didn't go through properly. In some cases this can be due to the giver mistyping their bank account details, insufficient funds, or a stop payment.


Pending: The gift has been accepted through your church's GivingFlow

Successful: The gift has been given the green light to be transferred by our processor and deposited into your account upon the next batch deposit.

Payout Timing

Credit & Debit Card: Next day (unless funds are held)

ACH*: 7-14 business days 

*Note: ACH (Bank Transfer) is an older process and takes significantly longer to process funds than a credit or debit card.

A Note About Manually Added Donations

RebelGive allows you to manually add transactions to your Control Center. While not all churches will utilize this feature, this allows you to keep track of all donations coming through to your church should you wish to use RebelGive's platform to keep track of those financials, rather than utilizing another system to do this (on top of also keeping track of all online transactions coming through RebelGive.)

The above sections discuss transaction statuses for all online donations. But what about manually added transactions?

Because there is no way for RebelGive to know if a check or cash transaction actually makes it to your church's bank account, there's no way for our system to know when to adjust the transaction status to paid out.

As such, all manually added transactions will always have a status of successful only. So if you're curious why the status on a transaction isn't changing from successful to paid out and it's been a while, double check to see what method that transaction was given by. If it was labelled as check, cash, or other, you're just watching a kettle that will never boil 😅

But if the transaction was given by credit card or ACH and it's taking much longer than normal, please reach out to our Customer Success team and we can investigate for you 😎

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