Transfers Panel (US Only)

Once your GivingFlow is set up and Givers are donating to your church, you'll be spending most of your time in two panels in your Control Center: your Transactions Panel and your Transfers Panel.

Your Transactions Panel lists every gift donated to your church. You can view each individual gift's details within this panel. (To learn more, click here.)

Your Transfers Panel lists every batch deposit in your bank account. You can view each individual transfer within this panel. Why is this helpful information? I'm so glad you asked!

At the end of every day, all available processed gifts are deposited into your account in batches. This means, you can see up to two deposits - or transfers - in your account at the end of each day: one for credit card gifts, and one for ACH gifts. But your bank statements don't provide an itemized list of which gifts are included in each transfer. That's where the Transfers Panel comes in handy. For every transfer, you'll see an itemized list of all gifts associated with that transfer, helping you keep better track of all your financial records.

To access your Transfers Panel, select Transfers in your Control Center's main menu.

Here, you'll be able to see all transfers up to date.

Filtering Your Transfers

To find a specific deposit, you can filter total amounts in Filters.

Note, this filter will filter by the total amount deposited into your account.

To find a specific deposit by date, you can use the Dates Filter.

Note, this filter will show you all transfers that were paid out according to the dates selected. Because RebelGive doesn't have access to information letting us know when the transfer officially lands in your bank account, the paid out date might be a day or two off from what you see in your bank statement.

Viewing Individual Transfers

To view an individual transfer's details, click the View button on the right side of any specific transfer.

At the top, you'll see the same information you saw in your Transfers Panel.

At the bottom, you'll see a mini Transactions Panel, complete with all the same Filter and Reporting options as the full Transactions Panel. (To learn how to use those filters, click here.) Here, you'll see every gift associated with this specific transfer.

To view an individual transaction within a transfer, click the View button on the right side of any specific gift.

Just like when you view an individual gift from the Transactions Panel, you'll see all the same information about a gift when accessed through the Transfers Panel.

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