How to Reconcile Your Bank Statements (US Only)

While your Transactions Panel is helpful for downloading reports of individual transactions, your Transfers Panel is helpful to reconcile what you see deposited in your bank account with the gifts recorded in your Control Center. To learn how to download reports, click here.

Important Definition

What you might be familiar calling batch deposits, we like to call transfers. Throughout this article (and elsewhere in our Help Center), we use these terms interchangeably, favoring transfers. Your Transfers Panel lists every batch deposit in your bank account. Viewing each individual Transfer lets you see all the gifts included in that specific Transfer.

Gift Payout Schedules & Transfers

At the end of every day, all available processed gifts are deposited into your account in batches. This means, you can see up to two deposits - or transfers - in your account at the end of each day: one for credit card gifts, and one for ACH gifts. But your bank statements don't provide an itemized list of which gifts are included in each transfer. That's where the Transfers Panel comes in handy. For every transfer, you'll see an itemized list of all gifts associated with that transfer, helping you keep better track of all your financial records.
For more in-depth details on gift schedules click here.

Reconcile Your Bank Statements

To begin reconciling, you'll first want to access your Transfers Panel in the main menu

Here, you'll be able to see all transfers up to date. To know which Transfers hold ACH donations vs. credit card donations, simply view each individual Transfer. If each donation has a $0.25 covered fee, those are ACH donations.

Filtering Your Transfers

If you're looking for a specific transfer, you can always filter the data to find the transfer you wish to view.


Clicking on Filters, you can input a minimum and maximum amount to search through your transfers. This amount will search and filter through the total column, the amount that would have been deposited in your bank account.

Keep in mind...

If you're looking for a specific transfer, simply input the amount you see deposited in your bank statement in both the minimum and maximum fields.


Clicking on the calendar, you can find an individual transfer (or multiple transfers) by searching through specific dates.

Keep in mind..

This filter will show you all transfers that were paid out according to the dates selected. Because RebelGive doesn't have access to information letting us know when the transfer officially lands in your bank account, the paid out date might be a day or two off from what you see in your bank statement.

Reset Filters

If you wish to reset your filters to default settings, in any filter settings (Columns, Filters, or Date), click the  x Reset Filters or x Reset to Default option.

Downloading a List of Transfers

If you'd like a list of all transfers that have occurred within a specific timeframe, use the calendar to view those specific transfers. Then click the Download Report button at the bottom of the list. This will download the same information you see in your Transfers panel as a .csv file, which you can open/upload to any spreadsheet program/platform.

Matching & Reconcile a Transfer with a Deposit in your Bank Statement

Once you find the specific transfer you're looking for, click the View button.Under Summary, you'll see the same information that you saw in the main Transfers panel page, with an additional piece of information: the transfer ID. This ID is helpful to provide customer success when you're inquiring about a specific transfer.

Below this, you'll see every single gift that was included in this transfer. These gifts are shown in a mini Transactions panel, complete with all the same filter and reporting options as the full Transactions panel, complete with search, columns, and calendar filtering options. (To learn how to use those filters, click here.)

If you want to download a report of all the gifts in this single transfer, scroll to the bottom of the list and click the Download Report button. Otherwise, you can use the filtering options to find specific gifts and then click the Download Report button. This report will download in a .csv file, just like any other report within RebelGive.

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