What donor information will I see associated with each gift in my Transactions Panel?

Whether or not you can see a name/email address associated with gifts in your Transactions Panel, that's totally up to whether or not you've enabled the Smart Contact step in your GivingFlow. If you haven't, then it's completely dependent upon whether or not your Givers decide to create an account with RebelGive and input their name in that process.

On the other hand, the Smart Contact step forces Givers to input both their name and email address with every gift. (If they're already signed into the GivingFlow, they will not need to fill out this step.) This ensures you as the admin can see both name/email associated with every gift that comes through your GivingFlow.

By default, the Smart Contact step is turned off. To learn how to turn it on (as well as our philosophy behind why the default option is set to off), click here

What if I don't enable the Smart Contact step?

If you don't enable the Smart Contact step, at the end of every GivingFlow, there will always be the prompt to enter your email address so that you can receive a digital receipt for personal records. (This is not an official tax receipt. To learn more about annual giving statements, click here.) When people enter their email address, that is what is used in the name column of your Transactions Panel. If they go further to officially set up their personal Giver Account, then they can then add their name, which will then be used for all future donations for them.

When creating RebelGive, we wanted to not only create something that felt easy to use, but also helped increase the likelihood that people complete a GivingFlow. In that, we try to not force a giver to put in more information than what is truly needed to process the gift. We found with other giving providers, many donors bounced (didn't finish giving) because they were forced to input a lot of information upfront before they could even give, sometimes even forcing them to create an account before they could complete a donation! We wanted people to be able to respond in generosity with as few barriers as possible and strike a good balance.

Here's what we've implemented to help gather people's names if the Smart Contact step is disabled:
  • A "Complete Your Profile" email will be sent from RebelGive to all new donors who provide their email address at the end of their GivingFlow without taking any other steps to complete their profile setup.
  • For all Givers who create an account, but go no further to add in their profile information, RebelGive automatically sends emails to them to complete their account setup to add their name and other profile details. Additionally, anyone who only enters their email address will now automatically have an account created for them with a unique RebelGive ID associated with it, making it even easier for them to finish their account setup and easier for admins to see their givers in the Control Center.
  • Moreover, we've created a search tool to handle any lingering edge cases so people can claim their gifts after the fact — even if they haven’t given an email! 🙌 You can find all the details here: Receipt Lookup Tool.
  • You can manually add details to a Giver when viewing the Giver in your Control Center here. If a Giver hasn't provided their personal information, you can add that info for them. Though they will not see it on their end, that information will be displayed in your Control Center so you can see a Giver's name associated with their transactions instead of only their email address. (Note: Downloaded reports favor details input by the Giver rather than Admins. Manually added information will only appear in the Control Center.)
  • And finally, when you issue their annual giving statement, they will be asked to fill in their profile information (name, address and phone number) before they download their statement.
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