Annual Giving Statements (An Overview)

A giving platform would not be complete without the capability to provide official tax statements (what we refer to as annual giving statements). There are quite a few options within the Statements Panel. This guide will provide an overview of the various options, while other documents focus on specifics. You can access those articles here as well as throughout this guide.

The Statements Panel

To access your Statements Panel, simply click Statements in the main menu.

Here, you'll see all available statements according to the year. How many years of statements that appear depends on how many years your church has been using RebelGive.

Click the View button to see all the options available.

Statuses of statements

There are three statuses you can see associated with any annual giving statement: incomplete and complete.

  • Inactive means that the statement has been disabled from the Availability Tab. (If this is selected, the statement will not be visible at all in a Giver's personal account.)
  • Incomplete means you / the church hasn't issued the statement yet.
  • Complete means you / the church has issued the statement.

Keep in mind...
  • You cannot issue a year's annual giving statements until the completion of that particular year. Once you notify Givers.


The Availability Tab allows you to choose whether to make statements available in Givers' personal accounts, and if you want to show a notification message to your Givers regarding the availability of their annual giving statement. This does not send an email message to your Givers. This is handled in the Notify Givers Tab.

For a more detailed guide on the Availability Tab, click here.


The Messages Tab allows you to add various general messages to a Giver's statement:

  • An overall general message. (This is a great place to add a thank you message!)
  • A message specifically regarding tax deductible donations.
  • A message specifically regarding non-tax deductible transactions.

For a more detailed guide on this tab, click here.


The Preview Tab allows you to preview an actual Giver's statement with all the messages you've written in the Messages Tab.

For a more detailed guide on this tab, click here.

Notify Givers

The Notify Givers Tab gives you the ability to write and send an email to all your Givers, letting them know that their statements are ready to access. You can also preview the email here as well.

For a more detailed guide on this tab, click here.

Print statements

The Print Statements Tab provides you with a master list of all your Givers. Should you choose to print your Givers' annual giving statements, the bottom of this list is a Generate Statements button. This will download individual PDFs of all the statements that are toggled on.

For a more detailed guide on this tab, click here.

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