Statement Preview Mode

The third tab of your Statements Panel is the Preview Tab. Before issuing your annual giving statements, it's helpful to see a visual representation of what your statements will look like when a Giver receives it. Let's explore how this works.

Search for a Giver

At the top, there is a search bar where you can select a specific Giver to preview their annual giving statement. This can be helpful if you want to compare what a statement with non tax deductible transactions looks like versus one without.

To find a Giver, you can type in their name or click the arrow to reveal a dropdown menu for you to scroll through.

Once you find a Giver in the dropdown menu, click on the name. Their statement will load below.

Preview a statement

By default, the statement for the very first Giver (alphabetically) in your master list of Giver Accounts will appear.

All annual giving statements will include:

  • Your church's name
  • The account owner for your RebelGive account
  • Your church's physical address
  • Your church's phone number
  • Your church's tax ID number

Annual giving statements will also include a Giver's personal profile information. In this example, the Giver has only provided their name. Before this Giver will be able to access his giving statement, he will need to also provide his phone number and mailing address. For more information on that, click here.

If you've included any messages in the previous tabs, these messages will also appear on the statement preview. This is a great opportunity to review what you've written. If you need to make any changes, feel free to return to one of the previous tabs and make adjustments.

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