How To Print Statements

The fifth tab of your Statements Panel is the Print Statements Tab. Should you desire to print a physical copy of your Givers' statements (to either mail them or deliver them in person), this is the tab you'll want to go to!

Select Givers

This tab presents a master list of all your Givers in alphabetical order. You'll see the following columns:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address

You'll also see toggle switches for each Giver. This allows you to choose which Giver statements you wish to download and print. By default, all of them will be turned on to make it easier to generate statements for all your Givers.

Should you desire to only download a specific Givers' statement, you can use the search bar find them. You will only be able to download a statement for the Givers shown in the list, so if you only see one Giver (using the search bar), you will only be downloading that Giver's statement, even though you didn't toggle off all the other Givers.

Download statements

Once you have all the Givers in the list that you wish to download statements for, scroll to the bottom of the list and click the Generate Statements button. At this point, all the selected statements will begin to download as PDFs, allowing you to print them at a later time.

If you choose to make your Givers' statements available via a physical copy (and whether you'll mail them or let givers pick them up in person), we recommend including this information in the email you send to your Givers when notifying them that their statements are available. You can adjust the email you send to your Givers in the Notify Giver Tab.

What about those empty fields?

RebelGive places the responsibility on the Giver to provide their personal profile details. If they haven't taken the time to login to their personal RebelGive account and add their name, phone number, or address, that information will not appear in this master list.

Should you make a Giver's annual giving statement available in their personal RebelGive account, they will need to provide those details before gaining access to their statement.

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