Statement Message Settings

The second tab of your Statements Panel is the Message Tab. Let's see what kinds of notes we can write to our Givers!

General message

The general message will appear at the top of a Giver's annual giving statement. This is a great place to write a thank you message, perhaps provide a quick update about the church, or even provide a quick outline of the statement itself.

Upload your signature

Right below the general message field, you can upload a signature if you have one! The best image format is a .png, but you can upload other file types such as a .jpeg. If you include a signature, this will appear right below the general message on a giving statement.

Simply drag and drop an image onto the specific section, or click the + button to search for an image on your device that way.

Tax deductible transactions

All funds created within RebelGive are automatically tax deductible, but you can manually change them to non tax deductible if you'd like. That's why we've dedicated two different sections on a Giver's annual giving statement: one to present donations that are tax deductible, and one to present donations/payments that aren't.

To provide a generic message to your Givers that will appear right above all their tax deductible, type something in this field.

Note: This is especially important for Canadian churches. There are particular pieces of information that Canadian churches must include in your annual giving statements. Use the "Add an extra note for Tax-Deductible Transactions" section to include the following:

  • A line stating: Official Donation Receipt For Income Tax Purposes
  • A line stating: Location Issued: Town/City, Province
  • A line stating: Charity Registration Number
  • A line stating: Canada Revenue Agency -

Here is an example of this can look like 👇

Non tax deductible transactions

If you've set up a non tax deductible fund at some point in the year, then you can choose whether you want to show these transactions appear on a Giver's statement. Providing this information helps Givers to simply keep better records of their finances.

To have these transactions appear on annual giving statements, ensure that the switch is toggled on.

Next, you can also provide a short message that will appear right above any tax deductible transactions. If a Giver doesn't have any, this message and section of the statement will not appear for them.

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