Make Statements Available To Your Givers

The first tab of your Statements Panel is the Availability Tab. Let's take a look at what we can do.


Here, you're able to select whether you want your statements to be accessible by your Givers in their personal RebelGive account.

Simply toggle on/off that option. By default, the option is turned on. Having it turned on means that, regardless if the statement has been issued, they are able to see that a statement exists. They will not be able to obtain that statement until it has been issued the following year. (Click here for more information on issuing annual giving statements.)

Availability message for Givers

Below this gives you the option to write a little message that will appear to everyone who tries to access their statement (assuming that you've chosen to enable in-app statements).

Simply toggle the on/off switch to enable/disable that ability. By default, the option is turned on. The message is a great way to prepare Givers for when their annual giving statement will be available.

Save your changes

As always, make sure to save your changes at the bottom by clicking the Save My Changes button.

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