Managing A Giver's Statements

The third panel within a Giver's Account presents a Giver's annual giving statement(s). How many statements that appear depends on how many years your church has been using RebelGive. Let's take a look at an example statement.

Keep in mind...
  • This guide walks you through how to view an individual Giver's statement. To learn more about how annual giving statements in general work, how to send them to your donors, etc. click here.

Annual Giving Statements

Viewing and printing annual giving statements is easy! Let's take a look together.

Statuses of statements

There are two statuses you can see associated with any annual giving statement: incomplete and complete.

  • Incomplete means you / the church hasn't issued the statement yet.
  • Complete means you / the church has issued the statement.

View a statement

Click the View button beside a statement to see all the details that a Giver would see on their official tax statement.

Here, you'll see all the details for that year's tax statement. At the top, you'll see the church's information. Right below that, you'll see the Giver's information. And below that is where the records of donations will appear. If a Giver has donated a physical check and you have manually added that to their account, the check number will also appear in the last column.

How to print a statement

To print a statement, simply click the Print button in the top right of a statement.

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