Why do I see a deposit in my bank account but not in my Transfers Panel?

If you've ever noticed a deposit in your bank account from RebelGive that's not yet recorded in your Transfers Panel, don't fret! You'll likely see the record in less than 12 hours.

  • There are cases where our card processor simply doesn't provide an update for a day or two after funds have deposited to your account. While we do our best to update your Control Center as soon as we receive updates, we can only provide an accurate update to your Control Center when we receive an update from our card processor.

Important definitions


Reading and retrieving data (such as funding events) from our card processor.

Funding event

A funding event is an exchange of funds between our card processor and your church’s bank account. It could be a deposit, or a withdrawal (in the event of a refund, for example).

When does RebelGive poll for new funding events?

RebelGive polls for new funding events every hour between 12am and 4am EST, and then again every hour between 9am and 1pm EST. This means that if our card processor has released money into your account, we will make a record of it in your Transfers Panel between those times.

Why is the transfer date sometimes different from the date on my bank statement?

Once funds have left our card processor's hands, RebelGive can no longer track those funds, as we do not have direct access / permission to view your church's bank account. This means that we can track when money has been released to your bank account, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's been deposited in your bank account yet. This means that the date you receive money could potentially be different than the date on the Transfer in your Control Center.

What's the timeline I can expect for my bank account and my Transfers Panel to match?

In short, you should see your Transfers Panel and your bank account match up within 24 hours.

Usually, it takes a day for your bank to receive and deposit that money into your account, and so most times you will always see the Transfer in your Control Center before the funds appear in your bank account.

However, sometimes your bank may receive that money before RebelGive has polled for the new funding event.

If you see a deposit in your bank account that you don't see in your Transfers Panel, simply wait until the next polling timeframe (either 12am-4am EST or 9am-1pm EST). At that point, you should see the Transfer appear in your Transfers Panel.

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