Giver Accounts (An Overview)

With RebelGive, there are two types of Giver Accounts:

  • Digitally created
  • Manually created

Digitally created accounts

These accounts are automatically created when a giver donates through your church's GivingFlow and either:

  • Enters their email address at the end of a completed GivingFlow to receive a digital receipt. As soon as a donor enters their email address there, they have begun the process of creating their Giver Account. If they don't go further and create a password, they will be sent an email prompting them to continue setting up their account (which we always hope they do when the initial opportunity presents itself).
  • Clicks the Sign In button in the top right corner of your church's GivingFlow and enters their email address and creates a password. Unlike providing only an email address in the above context, in this scenario, the donor must include a password to create their account.

Keep in mind...
  • If a giver fully creates an account digitally, providing their email address and a password, but doesn't go further and add in additional personal details (such as their name, phone number, and physical address), we will send them an additional email prompting them to login to
  • Digitally created accounts cannot be deleted.

Manually created accounts

These accounts are created by an admin within the Control Center. Generally speaking, there are two reasons why an admin will manually add a Giver:

  • An admin wants to have all Givers accounted for in their RebelGive records, regardless of if they will ever enter the digital world of online giving personally.
  • An admin wants to keep track of cash/check donations within the RebelGive Control Center so they can issue end of year statements to every giver through RebelGive. You can manually create a Giver Account, then manually add a cash/check gift, and then assign that gift to your manually added Giver. Doing this helps to keep all donation records in one place, rather than keeping track of physical donations separate from your online donations. (RebelGive's annual tax statements also present cash/check donations, alongside any digital gifts a Giver donates. For more information on annual giving statements, click here.)

Keep in mind...
  • As soon as you manually create a Giver Account from the Givers Panel, you can add manually added donations to their account from the Transactions Panel. Alternatively, you can also add a new Giver this way as well. To learn more about how to do that, click here.
  • Manually created accounts can be deleted. This is helpful for when a Giver eventually creates their own account digitally, and you don't want multiple accounts for the same person in your records. But don't worry! You can always transfer donations from the manually added Giver Account to the digitally created Giver Account before you fully delete the manually created one. For more information on how this process works, click here.

How can I tell if an account is digitally or manually created?

The tell tale difference that you're looking at a manually created account is the Delete tab at the top of in individual Giver Account. If you don't see the Delete tab, you're viewing a digitally created account.

Givers Panel

To view a master list of your Givers, click on the Givers Panel from the main menu.

Here, you can manually add Giver Accounts, search for Givers, rearrange and clarify which information you desire to display, and download a report of all your Givers. For a more in-depth visual guide on the Giver Panel, including how to download reports, click here.

Individual Giver Account

To view an individual Giver Account, click the View button beside any Giver in your master list. Here, you'll have up to four options:

For a more detailed look into all four areas within a Giver Account, click here.

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