Merging Giver Accounts

When transitioning to an online giving platform, you may have some donors who are hesitant to hop on board at first, and then after they warm up to the idea, they make their first online donation through RebelGive.

But wait! Now you have two Giver Accounts with their name on it: a manually one you created to attribute cash/check donations, and now their new digitally created Giver Account. How do you merge their accounts together?

Technically, there's no way to truly merge accounts; however, you can reassign manually added gifts and then delete the manually added Giver Account. That's what we'll explore below.

Keep in mind...
  • You can never delete a digitally create Giver Account. If you ever see the option to delete an account, it is because it is a manually created Giver Account.

Reassigning manually added gifts

Step #1: Access manually added Giver Account

1. Access your Givers Panel.

2. Search for the specific Giver in question.

3. View the manually added Giver Account.

Step #2: Delete Manually Added Giver & Reassign Gifts

1. Select the Delete tab in the Giver's Account.

2. Select Reassign gifts.

Keep in mind...
  • If you want to double check what gifts will be reassigned to the digitally added Giver Account, select the View Transactions button.
  • If you wish to delete the gifts along with the manually added Giver Account, select the Delete option. Then skip to Step 4 in this section.

3. Search for the digitally added Giver Account, the one you wish to reassign the manually added gifts to.

4. Type DELETE in all caps in the red field below.

5. Select the Delete & Reassign button.

At this point, you'll be taken back to the Givers Panel. To double check that the gifts successfully reassigned to the digitally added Giver Account, feel free to search for the Giver and view the account.

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