Add A Manual Transaction

RebelGive allows you to track offline donations from within your admin Control Center.

Here's how to get started:

  • This will open up the Add A Transaction tab. From here you can either search for an already existing giver or add a new giver
  • Then enter the details of the gift given, including the amount, date, fund given to, whether the gift was made by cash or check, and any additional notes

Add Transactions From A Givers' Profile

You can also add a transaction directly to a specific giver by visiting the Giver tab in your Control Center. Find the giver you want to add to, and click the View button beside their details.

When their Giver Details open, make sure you're on their Transactions

Scroll down to Manage Giving Records, then choose the Add New button 

Then fill in their new manual transaction details. 

Made A Mistake?

You can delete manually entered gifts by clicking the View button beside the transaction on the Transactions tab, then choosing the delete button. We will make you confirm your selection to ensure that deleting the transaction is actually what you want to do. 😊

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