Church Setup Overview

We know that introducing a new giving tool at your church can be very exciting, yet it can sometimes feel daunting at the same time. Since our team includes individuals who are volunteering or working at their local churches, we are aware of a number of the unique challenges you may face and have done our best to make sure this process is as smooth and simple as possible. 

If you have any questions along the way or want to review the process before you jump in, please check out the guides linked below.

Step 1 - Getting Started

In this article, we'll review the initial steps of signing up with RebelGive.

Step 2 - Complete Account Setup

Here, we'll cover entering your church and legal information, as well as connecting your bank account.

Step 3 - Invite Others on Your Team to Manage your Account

If you aren't a one-man-band you may need (or want) to invite others to help manage the legal info, design of your GivingFlow or even view your church's giving data.

Step 4 - Customize Your GivingFlow

RebelGive's GivingFlows are intended to be used seamlessly on any page of your church's website. You can customize the colors and messages to make sure they look and sound just like you. 

Step 5 - (The most exciting one!) Share RebelGive with Your Church

After your subscription is active, bank accounts are connected, funds are customized, GivingFlow is installed on your site, take a look at our tips and resources for launching RebelGive at your church!
It's party time. 🎉

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