Setting Up Your Church Account

Following the initial steps of the setup process where you've entered your basic church info (make sure I've done this step), you can now review and complete the following sections.

Check your email to verify your account

To ensure we can connect to the correct email address and to help keep your account secure, you'll receive the following email. When you receive it, simply click on the Verify Email button.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the verification email to be delivered, but if you still haven't received it, you can always request for it to be resent to you in your Complete Account Setup Checklist.

Connect church bank account

In this step, connect your church's bank account so you can receive deposits. For more information, reference the middle section of the Financial Setup article.

Enter Tax ID and Legal Information

Since you'll be submitting a merchant application and will be processing money, we need to make sure we have the right information from you. Please review the top & bottom section of the Financial Setup article if you have questions.

How will you know if you've completed your entire checklist? Click here to learn more about that!

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