Church Rollout Overview

Now that you're in the final stages of setting up your account and are thinking about launching RebelGive at your church, continue reading to make sure everything looks just right! 👌

Make sure your funds are set up:

Funds are a key part of engaging with your givers. Be sure to make sure you have all of your funds activated. 

Testing your GivingFlow:

As with every sort of new process or technology, we'd recommend having someone on your staff submit a real gift through your GivingFlow after you've installed it on your site. This way your team can be the RebelGive experts. If you still need a little help with this, check out this article:

Talking about your move to RebelGive:

Connecting your GivingFlow to your website and training your staff is only part of the fun! As you finish getting everything set up, you can familiarize yourself with the best way to talk about your new giving platform and how you'll share your church's heart for generosity. It may be helpful to include one or more of the following points in your messaging and talking points, said in your own words:

  • We've launched a new giving platform
  • We've adopted this new platform to save on fees associated with digital giving so that we can be better stewards of your generous gifts
  • To help our church receive 100% of the gifts, our donors will be asked to cover the small transaction fees. 
  • Transitioning is simple! If you forget everything else, just remember you can get started on our church's website. 

Rollout Materials

We've created a few, simple templates to help you get started. You'll find Photoshop and PowerPoint templates If you don't already have Photoshop, you can easily download a free seven-day trial here.

You can also download some additional essential brand assets here!
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