Church Activation Process

Once you've completed each item in your checklist, simply agree to the terms and conditions. Then click Save & Submit. If you've still yet to complete some items in your checklist, click here for information on what you need to input.

If you encounter an error while submitting your information, simple reach out to us by clicking the link in the error message.

Assuming you didn't encounter any errors, then you can now start designing your GivingFlow! (Click here to learn more on designing and setting up your GivingFlow.)

Once you've successfully submitted your information, we'll work with our card processor to ensure your bank account is connected correctly with your RebelGive account, which will enable you to accept gifts. (Yay! 🎉) Certain laws and processes are different in the US and Canada, so check out the different steps below that apply to you.

United States

  1. After you click the Save & Submit button under your checklist, your application will be securely sent to our processor.
  2. Within 5 business days, you should receive an email from us saying that your account has been fully activated. (Double yay!! 🎉🎉) Sometimes, our card processor needs additional information to verify your banking information. In this rare situation, we'll reach out to you immediately with further instruction, which may lengthen the usual 5 business day wait time.


Since there are a few additional steps, we've created this brief overview for you. And if you're wondering why there's a few more steps for you Northerners, it's only because you're really special! 🍁 For information on what constitutes as acceptable forms of ID (see the overview below for reference), click here.

If you're wondering why it takes so long for us to connect your bank account to your RebelGive account, click here.

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