My Giver Account (An Overview)

When you create a Giver Account with RebelGive, you'll gain access to be able to view your giving records, to editing your profile details, as well as managing your scheduled gifts and payment methods. Let's take a quick look at where to find all of this!

How to sign in / create an account

To sign in, simply go to If you've already signed in, in the past but didn't log out on that device, you'll be immediately taken to your My Giving Panel. If you logged out previously or have yet to log in, you'll be taken to the Sign In page.

If you've never created an account, you can also go to where you can enter an email address and then create a password. To see a visual guide on how to do this, click here.

Keep in mind...
  • If you have administrative access to a church account, you will initially be taken to the Transactions Panel. To learn how to switch between your personal account and your church account, click here.

There are two panels within your personal Giver Account: My Giving and My Account. Let's take a brief look at what each one holds.

My Giving Panel

My Giving lets you view all past donations, as well as manage your scheduled giving and view your annual giving statements (when your church releases it to you). To learn more about the My Giving Panel, click here.

My Account Panel

My Account allows you to manage your profile details, emails and passwords, as well as your methods of payment. To learn more about the My Account Panel, click here.

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