Making a Gift

Making a gift through RebelGive is super easy and intuitive. Instead of requesting all your information at once in a bunch of fields, RebelGive uses stepped forms, requesting only one piece of information at a time. Let's take a brief look at how it's done.

Keep in mind...
  • The following GivingFlow can be accessed at, which is a demo of a Nucleus website. As a demo website, the GivingFlow is also a demo. You can practice giving using fake credit card / banking info to test it out yourself!
  • The following GivingFlow is not your church's GivingFlow, and thus will have slight differences, including the color. Depending on if your financial administrator has turned certain options on, you may or may not see some of the steps/options below.

Open your church's GivingFlow

To begin, go to your church's website. If you don't know what this is, you'll want to contact your church to obtain that information.

Next, click on the circular give button in the corner of your church's website. This could be in the bottom right or bottom left corner, so make sure to look on both sides.

Keep in mind...
  • The little message that pops up will appear the first time you visit your church's website since having the GivingFlow button installed. Every time after that, you will only see the circle button.
  • The circle button will either have the RebelGive logo on it or the word Give.

Login to the GivingFlow

Once you've opened your church's GivingFlow, it's time to sign in. To do this:

  1. Click the Sign In button.
  2. Type in your login email address.
  3. Type in your password.
  4. Click the Start giving button

Keep in mind...
  • If you don't already have an account, you can create one by following these same steps.

Follow the steps in the GivingFlow

Below are all the possible steps you might encounter. Your church's GivingFlow may include less steps/options depending on what your church admin has turned on.

  1. Input the amount you wish to give.
  2. Choose the fund you wish to give to.
  3. Select how frequently you wish your gift to be given.
  4. Choose when you'd like your gift to start.
  5. Decide what method of payment you wish to give with. (Keep reading for more details on this.)
  6. Input your payment details.
  7. Add a brief memo.
  8. Enter your name.
  9. Enter your email address.
  10. Complete your gift.

Choose your method of payment

In the fifth step of any GivingFlow, you will have the opportunity to select which method you wish to give. For American churches, you will have the option to choose between giving with a credit card or via your bank account (ACH). For Canadian churches, you will have the option to give via credit card.

Keep in mind...
  • You can also use Visa or Mastercard Debit cards in lieu of a credit card.

Because there are several various routes you can take with this step, we've dedicated an entire visual guide to help you! Click here to check it out.

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