Giving Via Credit Card vs. Bank Account

In the fifth step of any GivingFlow, you will have the opportunity to select by which method you wish to give. For American churches, you will have the option between giving with a credit card or via your bank account (ACH). For Canadian churches, you will have the option of giving via credit card. Let's take a look at how this works.

Keep in mind...
  • You can also use Visa or Mastercard Debit cards in lieu of a typical credit card.

100% of your gift, not just most of it

One of the benefits of your church using RebelGive for online giving is that our platform ensures your church receives 100% of your intended donation (unlike other giving platforms, where most of it is given to your church, with a small portion going to the company they use every time). In fact, in the US alone, churches are losing over $35 million to giving fees every year.

To help with this, we've asked you, the donor, to cover the processing/convenience fees associated with online transactions, to ensure that 100% of your intended gift goes directly to your church (as it should). What does this look like?

Giving via credit card, there is a 1.9% convenience fee. (That even includes giving with MasterCard!) Giving via ACH (direct bank-to-bank transfer), there is a flat rate of $0.25 no matter the size of gift.

Keep in mind...
  • If you are giving to a Canadian church using RebelGive, giving via ACH is not an option.

Select the method of giving

If you haven't signed into the GivingFlow yet, you can do so at this step. Signing into the GivingFlow will pull all giving methods from your personal Giving Account and show them here. This allows for a quick selection for you to choose from, rather than inputting your giving method details manually.

Give by credit card

To give via your credit card, select Credit Card.

Next, input your credit card details:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV
  • ZIP or postal code

Then, click the Continue button.

Give by bank account (US only)

To give via your bank account, select  Bank Account.

Next, choose between connecting your bank account using Plaid, or entering your bank account details manually.

Using Plaid to connect your bank account

Plaid is a secure platform that connects bank accounts with various apps on the internet. Plaid lets you use the same login credentials you use for your online banking to connect your bank account details with your giving through RebelGive. Plaid is a well trusted platform and works with well established companies, such as Venmo and American Express. To learn more about Plaid, click here.

To start, click  Link account using Plaid.

Next, click the  Continue button. (This also means agreeing to Plaid's terms and conditions. You can always read their terms by clicking Plaid End Using Privacy Policy.)

Then, select your bank account. You can either scroll through some of the more well known banks or search for your bank in the search bar. Once you find your bank, click on the bank's logo.

Keep in mind...
  • If you can't find your bank, even when using the search bar, that's simply because your bank doesn't have a partnership with Plaid. This just means you'll need to input your information the good old fashioned manual way. If that's you, skip to the next section about manually entering your bank account info.

Now, input your online banking login credentials. Then click the Submit button.

Next, select which account you would like to use. Then press Continue.

Once your account has officially been connected with your gift, click the Continue button.

Manually entering your bank account info

If you don't do online banking or would just prefer to input your banking details manually, select  'Or, enter manually'.

Next, choose between a  Checking Account or Savings Account.Now, input your bank account details:

  • Your account number
  • Your routing number
  • Your full name associated with your bank account

Keep in mind...
  • Where it says Type account here is an actual field where you need to type in your bank account number. Often people see it, but don't realize you can input your account number there.

Then, click the  Continue button.

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