Welcome to RebelGive

Hey there! 👋 We're really excited to see that you and your church have joined this new giving revolution!

RebelGive exists to do two things:

  1. Ensure your church receives 100% of your online donations. Each year, churches lose 10's of millions of dollars in America alone due to covering fees from digital giving 😵 Imagine what kind of difference they could make if they could do if they recouped that money!
  2. Ensure you have the best online giving experience. Rather than presenting you with an overwhelmingly large number of questions in an online form, we accept donations through GivingFlows. We really think you'll enjoy this process better, simply entering one piece of information at a time — step-by-step 👣 Additionally, we've built a way for you to easily view, manage and download records of all of your gifts in the Control Center 👀

While we've tried our best to make our platform easy to navigate, we also understand that moving to a new online giving platform can be daunting. So we've created tons of visual guides and articles to help you in your journey to becoming familiar with RebelGive.

If you need help sending your first gift to your church, click here.

If you need help creating your personal RebelGive account to help you keep track of your gifts, click here.

Otherwise, for an overall look at all the visual guides available to you, click here.

Can't wait to hear how your giving helps save your church money that can then be used for amazing things for God's Kingdom!

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