Why does it take so long for my account to be activated?

If you're wondering why it may take up to 5-7 business days for US accounts (and possibly even longer for Canadian accounts) to be fully activated, here are some of the activities going on behind the scene. (We try to be as transparent as possible here at RebelGive 😄)

  1. Our card processor's Underwriting Team receives your information.
  2. They then verify multiple pieces of information, namely your banking information and your personal information. (Why do they need to verify your personal information? Click here for the answer.) In short, they need to confirm the account owner is who they say they are in order to legally connect your bank account with your RebelGive account.
  3. Once that information has been verified, they will open up two sub-accounts: one for credit card transactions, one for ACH transactions (US churches). (This process also has multiple steps in order to create, set up, and verify that those accounts are operational.)
  4. Once our processor has completed all these steps, you'll receive an email from us stating that your account has been fully activated, with further instructions on how to install your GivingFlow on your website! 🎊 

For Canadian accounts, there are a few more steps involved:

  1. Before our card processor can verify your information, they need your information submitted in a special application form.
  2. When you submit your checklist information, the team at RebelGive inputs that information into that special application form.
  3. We'll then send it to the email listed for the Account Owner from DocuSign. (DocuSign is a safe and secure method to send/receive sensitive information. Click here for more information if you have questions about DocuSign's encryption and security protocols.)
  4. Once you receive that email, verify the information we've already inputted is correct. Then fill out the remaining highlighted fields, as well as upload a few additional items of information required by Canadian law. (Click here for more information on what that additional information is.) Then send it back to us.
  5. Once we've received your completed DocuSign application, we'll pass it onto our card processor, who will then go through the process described above (excluding creating the sub-account for ACH transactions).
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