GivingFlows Overview

The RebelGive Control Center is only half the picture. After setting up your account, I'm sure you're ready to dive into designing and creating your GivingFlow. But first, let's take a quick look at what GivingFlows are exactly.

RebelGive is the only church giving platform that empowers your church to accept donations on every single page of your website through the use of GivingFlows. A GivingFlow trigger can be added to any website through the use of a widget. It’s designed mobile-first and it fits perfectly with the website you already have.

Instead of lengthy forms, RebelGive accepts donations through GivingFlows. Rather than demanding a donor’s information all at once in a tedious full-length, or expanding form, RebelGive only asks for one piece of information at a time, step-by-step. Want to know the best part? Stepped forms have been shown to boost conversion rates by 36%!

Here's an example of how to access a GivingFlow:

A giver would simply click on the circular button in the bottom corner of any page on your site 👇

Here's an example of what a GivingFlow could look like:

All information from the amount they'd like to give, to the specific fund they'd like to give to will be beautifully presented to your givers in a very non-intimidating or clunky way.

To get started with your own GivingFlow, read more here about designing your GivingFlow.

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