What payment methods can I use?

Making a gift to your church through RebelGive is incredibly simple. You can use any credit or debit card, yes, even AMEX or can securely log in to your bank account.

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What about prepaid debit and credit cards?

The short answer is that, yes, RebelGive can accept prepaid cards, regardless if they're debit or credit. The long answer is that, though RebelGive can accept pretty much any prepaid card, it's totally dependant on the card whether the funds will go through.

Prepaid cards do work differently than regular cards. Some will restrict the MCC codes they can be used at, meaning some cards may be restricted to only certain types of purchases/transactions. Some require that you register your card through the card provider and use the zip code of your true address. Some don’t require you register and will pretty much let the funds go through with any info. Some even require certain info after a certain threshold. With prepaid cards, it's basically up to each individual card - whichever company created the card - to determine where and how it will work.

So while RebelGive can't guarantee every prepaid card will work, RebelGive's system is equipped to accept payments from any prepaid card.

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