Manage Payment Methods

Has your credit card expired? Needing to change the bank account you give to your church with? No worries! Adding and removing payment methods is easy! Let's take a look...

Reviewing Current Payment Methods

1. While logged in your personal RebelGive account, click on My Account. Then click on Payment Methods.

2. Scroll down to see all your current payment methods you've added either through a GivingFlow or manually in your Giver Account.

Keep in mind...

  • Your payment methods will appear with ACH methods first, and credit cards second. Your newest version of those payment methods will appear at the top of those sections. In other words, when you add a new bank account, that will appear at the top of the ACH portion of the list, while your new credit card will appear at the top of the credit card portion of the list.

Adding A New Payment Method

1. While viewing your payment methods, click the Add New + button to begin the process of adding a new payment method.

2. Begin by selecting Credit Card or Bank Account.

Keep in mind...

  • Giving via your bank account (through ACH) is currently only available in the US. We hope to expand this feature to Canada in the future.

Method Type: Credit Card

1. After selecting Credit Card as your payment method, input your credit card's payment details.

2. Once you've inputted your information, click Save Payment Method.

Method Type: Bank Account

1. After selecting Bank Account as your payment method, you have two choices:

  • Securely connect account via Plaid.
  • Enter your bank information manually.

2. Choosing to securely connect your account via Plaid, follow the steps on the screen.

Keep in mind...

  • If you don't see your bank's logo in the list on the screen, try searching for it in the search bar.
  • After you find your bank, you will need your login information that you use to login to your online banking account.

3. Choosing to manually enter your bank account information, enter the name of the account holder, the routing and account number, and select the account type.

4. Once you've inputted your information, click Save Payment Method.

Removing A Payment Method

1. Find the payment method in your Payment Methods list and click Remove.

2. To avoid an accidental removal, you will receive a warning message. To continue, click OK. To go back, click Cancel.

Keep in mind...

  • Any scheduled/recurring gift you have that's associated with that payment method will be paused until the payment method on that scheduled/recurring gift is updated. To learn how to update the details of a scheduled gift, click here.
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