Schedule a Future Gift

When making a donation, you can easily schedule to give it on a future date, rather than the day you're creating your gift. Regardless of whether you are setting up a one-time donation or a recurring gift, there a few different options that you might come across. Let's take a look at two categories: Smart Dates and the Custom Date Picker.

Using Smart Dates

Smart Dates lets you schedule to give your donation in the near future on a particular day. Each time you enter the When step of a GivingFlow, you'll notice a short list of specific days laid out for you to select. These include:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • This Friday
  • This Sunday
  • Next ________

If you select Today, your gift will be given immediately, rather than scheduled for a future date.

All other options will let you schedule when you want to give your donation in the near future. The last option in that list of specific days will be one week from today. If you're viewing a GivingFlow on a Monday, you'll see Next Monday as the option. If you're viewing a GivingFlow on a Wednesday, you'll see Next Wednesday as an option.

Keep in mind...
  • If you're viewing a GivingFlow on a Friday, you will not see This Friday as an option so as to avoid confusion. Similarly, the same thing occurs if you're viewing a GivingFlow on a Sunday.

Using the Custom Date Picker

Below the list of Smart Date options, you'll notice the option to choose a custom date. Selecting this option allows you to schedule to give a donation up to 9 months in the future.

Keep in mind...
  • Because you can only schedule a gift 9 months in advance, you will only see the current year as an option if you are scheduling a gift between January through March.

When you choose to select a custom date, you'll be presented with the Custom Date Picker, where you can select a specific month, day, and year.

Using a touchscreen device or trackpad

If you're using a touchscreen device, simply use your finger to scroll horizontally through the month, day, and year options. Then select the options you desire.

Using a basic mouse

If you don't have access to a touchscreen device or trackpad, you can select a visible option to the far right or left, and the options will move to reveal other choices.

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