Help! I signed up for RebelGive with the wrong email address!

If you accidentally mistyped/misspelled your email address when you initially signed up for RebelGive, don't panic! There's an easy way to change your login email address, and a way to delete your mistyped email address, too 🙌 Let's work through this together!

Sign in to your account

First, you'll need to make sure you're signed into your Giver Account.

To do this, go to Then, use the incorrect email address as your login email.Next, input your password you would have used to create your account.

Add your correct email address

No matter which part of your Giver Account you end up in, you'll need to access your Account Panel, specifically the Email Addresses Tab.

To do this, click on My Account, and then click on Email Addresses.

Here, you should see one email address here: your login email. In this example, you'll see that the login email has already been verified; however, you would have had no opportunity to verify your email address if you misspelled your address, so you will see yours as unverified.

Let's begin by adding your correct email address. Click the Add New + button.

Next, type in your email address. Then click the Add Email button.

At this point, you'll see your newly added email address, but it has yet to be verified. Let's take a look at how to verify it.

Keep in mind...
  • You cannot add an email address that has already been added to another Giver Account. You will need to remove that address from the other Giver Account before attempting to add it to your current account.

Verify an email address

To verify an email address, you'll need to check your email inbox. At the time of adding an email address, you should have received an email from

Once you find the email, click the Click to verify button. This should immediately bring you back to your personal Giver Account.

Now, anytime you donate, you can use that email address (or any other one you add to your account), and those gifts will appear in this account.

If you can't find that email, go back to your Email Addresses Tab and click the Resend Verification button. At that point, a new verification email will have been sent to your email, where you can click the button in that email.

Keep in mind...
  • Once you verify an email address, you will be unable to use that email address for another Giver Account until it has been removed from its current Giver Account.

Change your login email

Now that you've added and verified your correct email address, it's time to change your login email.

To do this, you'll need to migrate over to your Account Access Tab.Next, scroll down to the Login Email section. Click the dropdown menu to reveal the list of verified email addresses in your account.

Select the correct address you wish to use as your login email.

Then, click the Change My Login button.

Now, the next time you sign into your account, you'll use your correct email address to do so.

Delete the incorrect email address

Now that you've updated your login email, you can delete your bad email address from your account.

First, make your way back to your Email Addresses Tab.

In the list of email addresses, click the Remove button beside the incorrect address.

Keep in mind...
  • Your browser will likely show a warning to ensure you meant to click the button. Simply click the Yes or Okay button to complete the removal process.
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