Account Settings (An Overview)

The Settings Panel is a great place to set up and/or locate key pieces of information - or where you'll find all the options you couldn't find anywhere else in your Control Center! Let's see all the various settings you can adjust.

The Settings Panel

To access your Settings Panel, simply click Settings in the main menu.

Here, you'll be taken directly to the first tab and set of information you can view and edit.

Basic Information

The Basic Information Tab shows you all the basic church information you initially inputted when first signing up for your RebelGive account. Here, you're able to read and update the information you see.

For a more detailed guide on the Basic Information Tab, click here.


The Funds Tab lets you manage the various funds people can give to within your GivingFlow. You can have up to 15 visible funds within your GivingFlow (though we'd recommend limiting it below 10 so as to not overwhelm your Givers with all the various choices!). You can set these funds as non-tax deductible. You can also create hidden funds that only appear with a special URL.

For a more detailed guide on the Funds Tab, click here.


The Administrators Tab lets you manage admin access and permissions. You can invite as many admins to your account as you'd like, and set them with specific permissions, so if you have a larger financial team, it might be good to review the different levels of permissions. You can also revoke access at any point in time.

For a more detailed guide on the Administrators Tab, click here.


The Subscription Tab is where you can find information regarding your subscription, where you can update your payment method, and where you can view your billing history.

For a more detailed guide on the Subscription Tab, click here.


The Timezone Tab might be the simplest setting within RebelGive, but it's an important one nonetheless. You can set the timezone your church is in here.

For a more detailed guide on the Timezone Tab (such as why this is important to set correctly), click here.

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