Manage Your Subscription

The fourth tab of your Settings Panel is the Subscription Tab. This is where you can see all your billing history as well as manage your subscription payment method.

Let's dive into the different sections!

Subscription overview

The very first section of the Subscription Tab will display three pieces of information:

  • Your current subscription (displaying payment interval and price point)
  • Your current payment method (displaying the last four digits of the credit card)
  • Your next payment (displaying both date and amount)

Update method of payment

Should you need to update your subscription method of payment, you can easily do so by clicking the Update payment method text below your current payment method.

Here, you can input your new credit card information.

Once you've inputted the correct information, click the Update Payment Method button below.If you change your mind in the middle of this, don't worry! You can always cancel by clicking Don't update payment method.

Update subscription cycle (monthly vs. yearly)

If, at any point, you decide you want to change the interval in which you're paying for your subscription (perhaps you're paying month-to-month, but wish to save 20% by switching to annual payments), simply contact us and we'll help you out! You can click on the Send us a message! link or email us directly at

Pay an overdue subscription payment

Should you find yourself in a situation where your subscription payment was due, but for whatever reason, you could not make the payment (e.g. cancelled card, insufficient funds, etc.), you will see a red banner at the top of your Control Center. Click on the Please update your subscription! text.It will immediately take you to your Subscription Tab, where you can see how much is overdue, and where you can update your method of payment.

Once you've inputted your new method of payment, click the Update and Pay button.

View billing history

While we send a digital receipt to the account owner every time there is a payment made, you may wish to view a record of all subscription payments. You can do so at the bottom of the Subscription Tab.If you have an overdue payment, this will be displayed under the Status column.

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