What do Canadian churches need to know?

While RebelGive services Canada 🇨🇦 there are a couple of important details to note:

  • As an American company, all RebelGive subscription prices are in USD.
  • Your church can accept all major credit cards except for AMEX (American Express) - including Visa debit cards.
  • EFT (electronic funds transfer) is a method of transferring funds directly between bank accounts. CardConnect, the card processor RebelGive partners with, does not yet have the infrastructure to offer this service in Canada. Givers can use Visa Debit cards though.
  • All available gifts are batch deposited into your church's bank account daily. (Remember, we like to call batch deposits Transfers.) To reconcile your bank statements with what you see in your RebelGive Control Center, you must do so through the Transactions Panel.

Why can't I see Transfer information in my Control Center?

While we partner with CardConnect as our card processor, it is specifically FirstData Canada (FD Canada for short) that handles all the information regarding each transaction that takes place for your account. FD Canada doesn't share that information with either CardConnect or RebelGive. This means, while you will see a Transfer in your bank account, you will not see that information also presented in your Control Center. To reconcile between the two, you will simply need to do a bit more manual tracking of what gifts come in, as shown in your Transactions Panel 👍

Should you desire more information regarding a specific transaction or Transfer, you can always try getting a hold of FD Canada. The easiest way to do this would be to dial into CardConnect's Merchant Solutions Line at 1-877-828-0720.

When prompted, you should say "Canadian Support." The AI should initiate a switch that will send you over to FD Canada. If for some reason it does not, whoever you speak with, just let let them know you are a Canadian Merchant. They will transfer you accordingly, including language options for customer support in English, Spanish, and French.

Important Note: You will need your MID ready, which is something RebelGive can provide for you, so make sure you reach out to us before making that call to request that information.

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