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Each year, churches in America alone stand to lose at least $30 million of their tithes and offerings due to fees from digital giving 😱

It’s hard not to think about what you could do if your church wasn’t paying those fees out of the money people think they’re giving directly to your ministry.

Introducing RebelGive. The new standard for church giving. We'd love to share a few highlights:

1. Your Church Will Always Receive 100% Of Every Gift

Every time a person gives money to your church, your giving platform takes a bit off the top to keep for themselves. It’s standard practice. We just think it’s time for a new standard. So here’s our promise to you: At RebelGive, we will never skim off the top of any tithes and offerings to keep for ourselves 🚫

2. Say Goodbye To Fees. Forever.

On top of traditional percentage fees of 2 - 5% other giving providers will charge a ton of additional fees. Per-Gift fees that range from $0.25 to $0.39+ per transaction. Setup Fees. Security Fees, Regulatory Fees, Monthly Minimums. The only cost your church will ever have, is the fixed monthly rate ✅

3. The Lowest Rates, Covered by Us And Your Givers.

How? We’re picking up the tab for all other fees the processor usually throws at churches. Our market-leading 1.9% (debit and credit) and $0.25 (ACH) flat rate  comes directly from our Tier 1 processor. Because when a gift is given through RebelGive, the convenience fee for giving online is covered by the donor automatically — every time 👍

4. Intelligent GivingFlows, Not Clunky 90’s Forms

Instead of lengthy forms, RebelGive accepts donations through GivingFlows. Rather than demanding a donor’s information all at once in a tedious full-length, or expanding form, RebelGive only asks for one piece of information at a time — step-by-step. Want to know the best part? Stepped forms have been shown to boost conversion rates by 36%! 📈

Check out this demo to see what your donors will see!

5. Beautifully customize and manage everything in the Control Center.

RebelGive offers a completely unique system to handle all your administrative needs. Move aside old Dashboard! Change the colors, upload your logo, or adjust the location of the GivingFlow trigger! Not only will your church’s GivingFlow look and feel amazing, you’ll be able to get setup quickly, and as giving comes in, run powerful reports effortlessly. You can even invite other admins and members of your financial team with different levels of permission to help you! 🙌

There are many other benefits that we think you'd love! Don't take our word for it. Take a look for yourself! Set up your own account and familiarize yourself with the Control Center to see what we're talking about!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. We'd be happy to help!

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