What integrations are available?

RebelGive doesn’t currently integrate externally with other ChMS platforms. Instead, we’re investing all of our efforts and energy into developing a centralized platform with Nucleus (our church website builder) at the center. RebelGive is the first major step towards that. 

We know churches want a centralized platform where all of their activity and data can exist and thrive and that’s why we’re taking steps towards building a platform like that.

In the interim, RebelGive will allow you to export your giving records in CSV format. Downloaded reports can be set to display a specific date range, name, amount or fund (along with a bunch of other juicy details!). And then your data can be imported to the ChMS platform of your choice using their importing tool.

You can import the downloaded data into your preferred management system. We've added a number of their help guides below:

Church Community Builder
ACS Realm
Planning Center (PCO)

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