How will donors really feel about convenience fees?

With RebelGive, your church will always receive 100% of every gift. RebelGive doesn’t take a cut off the top or do any kind of rev-share or skimming off of any tithe or offering that comes through our platform. And together with your givers, we ensure we cover all other fees charged by the processor.

Now, you might be wondering - will donors really help cover fees? The simple answer: Absolutely, yes.

In our experience, donors are excited to partner with churches in this way. Especially because most churchgoers are oblivious to the true cost of digital giving fees. So with RebelGive, we work to educate your church on this issue, and invite them into the process of making sure your church receives 100% of their intended gift. We've also heard from churches that this could give them a great opportunity to revisit their heart of generosity.

But hey, if you're especially worried at all about these fees, don't be - because RebelGive also offers direct giving through a donor's bank account for a flat cost of $0.25, which is even more affordable! This can greatly help donors who want to give larger amounts feel comfortable giving online.

And even better, a donor can link their bank account to RebelGive automatically using our integrations so they don't need to enter their branch number and routing number and all those annoying things. Instead, they just link their online banking by signing in securely, choosing the account they want to give from, and they're ready to go.

Lastly, when comparing to other giving platforms, you may see that they provide the option of covering the fee or not. Since we feel strongly that the church should receive 100% of the gift, we've made it automatic for givers to cover the fees. This ultimately is intended to help churches budget a set amount for online giving, rather than a fluctuating amount, directly tied to the increasing volume of gifts. 

Please let us know if we can clarify this further or if you'd simply like to chat through it.

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