Are givers' entire gifts tax deductible?

While we can't give tax advice, our perspective is that, just like when someone gives to an organization and decides not to cover the processing fees, and that entire gift is tax deductible, we consider the combined amount of both the gift and processing fees as tax deductible as well.

Tax deductibility isn't defined by how the organization chooses to use the gift, but rather based on the gift as a whole and who receives it. Since we've automatically calculated the fees into the gift, the giver essentially gives the organization a specific amount that will be only used for covering fees.

It's kind of like if you gave a donation and split it between two different funds: each portion of the gift is to be used for a specific purpose of the fund, but the entire gift as a whole is still given to the one organization, and is therefore all tax deductible.

Keep in mind: since we automatically calculate and add the fees to each gift, you won't see the combined amount (intended gift amount and fees) in your Control Center. Rather, you'll see the total intended amounts - the way we think it should be. For example, if a donor gives you $100, we make sure $100 shows up in your account. But don't worry; at any time, givers will be able to download giving reports of the full, combined amount for their tax purposes.

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PLEASE NOTE: RebelGive does not provide tax advice. Please consult your local tax professional about what portion of the full gift amount can be claimed as a charitable contribution.

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