Can I put a custom message on my GivingFlow Trigger?

Once the GivingFlow is installed, the first time someone visits your website, an educational message will appear, telling them what the trigger/widget is for and why to click on it.

(If you want to verify, you can clear your cookies/cache in your browser, refresh the page, and you'll see the message after a few seconds pop out of the GivingFlow Trigger.)

But we had to strike a balance between being educational and being obnoxious, so after a visitor sees this message once, it's saved in their cookies, and won't be shown again. Otherwise, the message would appear on every single page of your website, every single time, which would become annoying. Our goal is to educate, but not overwhelm. From our testing, we found one educational message that sets a cookie and doesn't display again until the cookie is gone, was the best route.

If you're worried that someone might miss the message or want more information, you can always explain what the GivingFlow Trigger is on the giving page of your website! We've seen a best practice with churches is to include a note that says, "To get started with giving, simply click the _color_ icon button in the lower left/right hand corner of any page of our website."

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