What recurring scheduled giving options are there?

Your church's GivingFlow makes it easy to set up recurring scheduled gifts.

Important Definitions

One-Time Gift

A one-time gift is a donation that has no recurring frequency and is donated at the time the GivingFlow is completed (rather than being set to be given on a future date).

Scheduled Gift

A scheduled gift is a donation that has a specific date associated with it. A scheduled gift can be a one-time gift that's set to be donated on a particular future date, or it can be a recurring gift that is set to be donated on a consistent, regular basis.

Recurring Gift

A recurring gift is a specific type of scheduled donation, one that is set up to recur on a consistent, regular basis (e.g. Once a week, every 2 weeks, once a month, etc.).

In this article, we'll focus on recurring scheduled gifts, and will refer to them simply as recurring gifts.

How Often? 

After inputting how much you wish to donate, you'll have the option to select which recurring cycle you wish your give your gift:

  • Once a week
  • Once every two weeks
  • Once a month
  • Every 1st & 15th
  • Every 5th & 20th

Keep in mind...

  • By default, the first three options will be visible. If you don't see the latter two options (1st & 15th, or 5th & 20th), this is because your church has decided not to allow for those options. Contact your church financial administrator if you would like to see those options available.
  • If you select Just this once you will not be setting up a recurring gift; however, you will still see the next option.

Giving Monthly

If you choose to give monthly, the recurring gift follows the same date you schedule the recurring gift in the future. For instance, if the recurring gift is set up to begin on the 9th of March, all recurring gifts would come out on the 9th of the month. If you set your monthly recurring gift to begin on the 31st, the transaction will occur on the last day of any month. If you set it begin on the 30th, the transaction will always occur on the 30th, except for February, where it will occur on the last day of that month.

Giving Once A Week / Every Two Weeks

For setting up recurring giving every week or every two weeks, the gifts will be given on the same day of the week. For instance, if the recurring gift is set up to begin on a Tuesday, then it will always be a Tuesday when the next gift comes out.

Every 1st & 15th / Every 5th & 20th

This recurring schedule is probably the most obvious in that whichever option you select, you know exactly which dates your gift will be given in the future: every 1st & 15th, or every 5th & 20th.

Starting when?

After you select which recurring cycle you wish to give your gift, you'll be presented with the option of starting your cycle today, tomorrow, this Friday, or in seven days. The screenshot below was taken on a Monday, so the last option is to schedule the recurring gift to begin next Monday.

Keep in mind...

  • If today is a Friday, you will not see This Friday as an option.

Can I edit a recurring gift?

Yes, you can! You can change everything about a recurring gift (including the amount and to which fund) except for which date or the frequency of the gift. For that, you'll need to pause your recurring gift in your account and set up a new one through your church's GivingFlow. Find out more about that here.

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