GivingFlow Triggers

GivingFlow triggers make the best giving experience on the planet even better. 💪

With triggers you can open the GivingFlow from any button or link on your site or email. Basically, anywhere you can put a link, you can directly send people to your church’s GivingFlow. It’s a beautiful thing. 

But we didn’t stop there! You can also use these triggers to pre-fill the amount, fund, and frequency of the gift! For example, you can now have buttons on your church’s missions page, that trigger a pre-filled GivingFlow encouraging people to donate $30 every month to support the particular missionary of their choice. All your givers have to do would be to input their payment info and click “Give Now."

If they have a RebelGive account and are logged in, with a fully customized GivingTrigger, your givers can literally give with two quick taps. It’s really amazing. And, keep in mind, this all happens directly on your site which is exactly where you want to keep your givers. No external links here!

Sharing your GivingFlow Trigger

  1. From the GivingFlow tab in your Control Center, click on Triggers. Or click here.
  2. Select the website URL you'd like to create the link with. (Note: To be able to use a custom URL, RebelGive must already be installed on that URL. Learn more about adding your website URL here.)
  3. Copy the link near the bottom of the page.
  4. Add this link to the page, email, or button you'd like to link from.

Creating a Custom GivingFlow Trigger Link

  1. Continuing from step 2 above, select your desired amount, fund and frequency. (You select one or all of these options)
  2. Copy the link near the bottom of the page.
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