Can we pay the transaction fees instead of donors?

While this has been a request from a few churches, having givers cover the transaction fee so that churches don't have to is simply part of our philosophy when it comes to giving.

We started RebelGive because we couldn't stand watching churches lose tens of millions of dollars to inflated fees every year and we wanted to put a stop to it. We're on a mission to return as many of those missing millions as possible.

One way we're doing this is through getting the lowest processing fees in the market and covering most of the other common, related fees that churches usually have had to cover ourselves.

Another way is by requiring givers to cover the remaining small costs for processing their own gifts.

We've seen what an incredible difference this approach has made in the budgets and ministries of the churches we're serving, and so we just don't believe we should change the model. A lot of the current companies in the market try to tell churches the they'll lose givers or see many refuse to give if the fees are required, but that's far from the truth. We've actually heard from many churches that they've actually seen their giving increase since rolling out RebelGive instead of the legacy-model platform they were using. That increase (combined with the savings RebelGive brings) now means they have more money available for ministry which is such a blessing to hear.

At the end of the day, RebelGive is simply not set up in a way that would allow churches to pay the fees, because we built it with the goal saving churches as much money as possible when using an online giving platform.

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