Why do I see a withdrawal from my bank account? (Canadian Churches)

RebelGive has partnered with CardConnect, one of the top processors in the world to securely handle all card and bank transfers. While this is true, FirstData (their parent company) handles all processing for Canadian churches, and has a bit of a different way of processing fees than with churches in the US.

At the end of each day, our card processor will deposit whatever is available into your bank account. While US churches will never see the fees that Givers cover for each donation in their bank account, each batch deposit / transfer Canadian churches receives includes both the gift and the fees covered. Once a month, those fees are then withdrawn from your bank account.

Why might I see a discrepancy?

It's possible that, once these fees are withdrawn from your bank account, you might be a few cents off from the fees covered by the Givers the previous month. The simple answer to this is due to rounding. Because the fees are generated based off percentages and you can't split a penny (not that pennies exist in Canadian currency anyway 😆), the cent will always be rounded up or down, which is what can cause a discrepancy in the end.

We discuss this in detail complete with visuals here.

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