How Do I Delete My Personal Account?

If you'd like to delete your personal Giving Account, you'll need to contact us at and request that we do so. (Make sure to email from the address that you login to your account with to help verify your identity.)

What happens when we delete your account?

First we make sure any recurring gifts are disabled. Then we go through all your gifts and make sure any payment sources are fully deleted. No future payments can be made to any of the payment sources you've ever provided because they no longer exist.

We delete your login data so there is no way to access your giving history or profile data.

If you were an administrator at a church we delete the permissions you had at the church, removing any way for your account to be used to access the church's data.

Your name and email address are kept because this is information you provided to the church when you gave. This is part of their giving records. The only way this information can be accessed is through gifts you've given in the past.

Even if you sign back up with the same email address later you get a completely new account. None of the data in your old account will be copied or re-associated with the new account just because you used the same email address.

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