Change Account Ownership

If your church's staff structure or team's responsibilities change and the primary contact person needs to be adjusted, you can always transfer ownership to another individual. But first, let's answer two important questions:

What is an Account Owner?

An Account Owner has signer authority for any official changes that need to be made on your RebelGive account with our card processor. The most common changes include:

  • Bank account changes
  • Legal church/business name changes

Other times, our card processor might request additional information (such as a W-9 form), which requires a signature from the Account Owner as well.

Who should be an Account Owner?

The appointed Account Owner doesn't necessarily need to be a part of your financial team, but it should be someone who will likely be a part of your church body for a significant amount of time. It's also wise to ensure that they are someone who can respond to emails should our Customer Success Team need to communicate important information between you and our card processor.

Change Account Owner

As stated above, from time to time, it may be necessary to switch Account Owners. To do this, simply contact our Customer Success team by emailing To complete the process, a few of things need to take place:

  1. We'll send the current Account Owner an email with a DocuSign form to sign, stating that they relinquish their position of Account Owner.
  2. Once they've completed, and submitted, their portion of the DocuSign form it will be passed over to the new Account Owner, who will sign it, stating they will take on that position.
  3. We'll receive the DocuSign form back and pass it onto CardConnect (our card processor). They will then adjust the details on your merchant account.
  4. Our team will then adjust the Account Owner in your Control Center.

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