Why is a fee added to my gift?

With RebelGive, our whole mission is to work with you, the Giver, to make sure your church always receives 100% of every gift. This is important because in the US alone, digital giving costs churches over $35 Million in fees every year. 😵

Unlike a number of other giving platforms, we don't skim off the top of any tithe or any offering that comes through our platform. The fee you see is the transaction fee, and will be sent directly to our processor to cover that fee. 

Credit (and debit) card companies and banks charge a small fee every time money is moved digitally. Up to this point, churches have had to front the cost, which eats into each and every gift, which can make online giving very expensive! Since we believe the church should receive everything that is given to them, we work with you to cover the fees 🤝

We worked with our card processor (CardConnect) to offer the lowest transaction processing fees ever! If you give via credit card, there will only be an additional 1.9% added on top of your gift. But if you're concerned about that amount, you can connect your bank account, where it only costs you a flat rate of $0.25 no matter the size of gift! *

* America only - sorry Canadians!

With our GivingFlow set up like this, you are helping your church reclaim funds that are typically taken away from online donations. All this reclaimed money can now go towards expanding God's Kingdom, rather than to the pockets of giving providers. We're thankful and excited about anyone who gives through a GivingFlow because we know it will be saving churches hundreds of thousands of dollars each year 😇

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