If you accidentally mistyped/misspelled your email address when you initially signed up for RebelGive, don't panic! There's an easy way to change your login email address, and a way to delete your mistyped email address, too 🙌

Add A New Email Address

To start, login to your RebelGive account using the mistyped email address.

Once logged in, under My Account, select Email Addresses. Or, click here to go there directly.

From there (as shown below), you'll be able to add another email address. Enter the correct email address in this manner.

Once you've added the correct email address, login to that email account to find a verification email waiting for you. Simply click the blue button to verify that email address.

If, by chance, you didn't receive the verification email, you can always resend it by clicking on the Resend Verification link. Sometimes, it can take a few minutes for the initial verification email to reach your inbox, so if you've just added the correct email address to your account, why don't you make yourself a cup of tea? By the time you come back, the verification email should be waiting for you 🍵

But just in case it isn't, you can always click the Resend Verification email link as shown below, and then make yourself a cup of coffee while you wait ☕️

NOTE: If you ever want additional email addresses to be associated with your account, you can follow the same steps above. Why would you want more than one email address associated with your account? If you're like most people, you probably have more than one email address. To ensure all gifts you give are tracked properly, regardless of what email address you provide at the end of a GivingFlow, you can add multiple email addresses to your personal Giver Account so all your donations appear under your one account.

Change Your Login Email

Now that you've verified your correct email address, you can update your login email to that correct email address! First, select Account Access from your My Account Settings. Or, click here to go there directly.

From there, scroll down to the Login Email section below the Sign In Information section.

Click on the dropdown menu and select the correct email address you desire to login with. Then click the Change My Login button that appears below.

Remove An Email Address

Now that you've successfully changed your login email address, you might want to delete the incorrect email address, since you'll no longer be needing it.

Return to your Email Addresses settings under My Account. Or click here to go there directly.

Now, simply click the Remove link to the right of the email address you want to delete from your account.

And that's it! You can now rest knowing you can login to your RebelGive account with the correct email address, which also means all receipts when you donate to your church will be sent to the correct email address as well 😊

How Do I Change My Password?

You may have noticed in your Account Access settings that you can change your password. If you need guidance in how to do that, click the button below 👇 

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