After your givers complete their GivingFlow, they'll receive a message from your church. Here, you'll have the opportunity to share a customized thank you message 💌

First, click on the Settings tab on the menu, then on the Designations area. Or click here.

There are three fields on this page. Your:

  1. Thank You message title 🎉
  2. Thank You message 🙏 
  3. Digital receipt message 📝 

Thank You Message

Every donor will receive a Thank You message at the very end of your GivingFlow. If it's the donor's first time giving through your GivingFlow (or they're not logged into their account), they'll also be prompted to add their email address to receive a receipt. (For your receipt message, see below.)

Your Thank You title can be up to 25 characters long, while your Thank You message can be up to 140 characters long. This is your chance to appreciate every single donor for their generosity, not just for their donation.

Here's an example of what your Thank You message will look like at the end of your GivingFlow 👇 

Digital Receipt Message

Whenever someone donates while logged into their personal RebelGive account - or for those who aren't logged in / don't have an account, if they enter their email address after they've completed their donation - they will be sent a digital receipt for their personal records. (Note, this is not an official tax receipt. For information on official tax receipts, click here.)

Your receipt message can be up to 280 characters long, so if you didn't get a chance to say all you wanted to say with your original Thank You message, you can do so in this message!

Each receipt will look very similar to a completed GivingFlow. It will contain all the donor's gift information, including both their designated gift amount and the total amount they gave (complete with the transaction fee). Here is an example of what a digital receipt will look like 👇 

Coming Soon - Adjusting Word Preferences

Does your church prefer designations over funds, or campus over location? These changes will be seen throughout your Control Center, GivingFlow, and other messages.

These adjustments will be made available in a new section called Branding, which will appear in your overall Settings. The following three terms are what we know will be coming, though we are looking to expand the wording to include more uses, such as non-church organizations changing the wording from church to non-profit or organization.

Giving Word: "Give" or "Donate"
Designation Word: "Fund" or "Designation"
Location Word: "Location" or "Campus"

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